Corporate Training

Team Building and Soft Skill Training Programs

Corporate Training by Alpha Mindz is a skill enhancement focused to enhance the skills of the work employees of the company. Our Programmes ensure that the employees are groomed well enough to improve their skills or get benefitted by acquiring that teaching so that they can handle modern business challenges and environments by helping them improve their approach, actions, and productivity and therefore utilizing the workforce capabilities and qualities to the optimum possible. At Alpha Mindz we provide Technical, Behavioural and Outbound Training at all the level of the Organizations. We have our unique system of shop floor implementation (5S and Lean) that enables the organization to achieve the desired results and help in Waste Elimination.

Behavioural Training

At Alpha Mindz we have modules to improve the personality traits, social graces, communication, language personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. These Soft skills complement hard skills which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities. Once a person is able to relate to feelings, emotions and insights they feel more positive and productive in their work. We train on Behavioural skills using a potent combination of examples, scenarios, games, and assessments.

We also expertise in Outbound Training with special focus on team building and leadership qualities The training program is aimed at helping participants understand critical elements of Leadership & Team Building. During the training program participants will go through activities that are specially designed to train their strategic and creative thinking skills.

5S - Lean Six Sigma

Alpha Mindz has developed a very mature system of Lean Six Sigma Management and its deployment in the Industry. We have a Team of Consultants who go to the client’s workplace and help them deploy the Lean Tools at the client end for


  • Comprehensive 5S awareness session for understanding and its benefits
  • 5S implementation by involving everyone in the company with practical deployment
  • A complete training plan and deployment activity for all Zones.
  • Training the internal 5S Auditors for regular improvement throughout the year.
  • Handholding the Zone leaders for Non conformity closing at each Zone.
  • Putting together a 5S Policy manual for the organization



  • Visual Management and Identifying the key Production related metrics
  • Daily monitoring at shop floor  and work stations.
  • Understanding of quality and involving all staff for ensuring quality in product and processes.
  • Reducing cost of poor quality at middle management level.
  • Following Process approach in the shop floor with SOP and its adherence at work stations
  • Usage of 7 QC tools for shop floor processes and mapping data
  • Effective usage of New QC tools in the work areas and problem solving
  • Improving productivity through lead time improvements
  • Implementing Single piece flow and reducing inventories
  • Effective customer complaint handling with Cause and Effect tools
  • Integrating Supply chain with production and quality
  • Deploying Value stream mapping and identifying the Kaizens.


Six Sigma 

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course teaches any employee the Six Sigma philosophy and how to apply it in his or her role on a day-to-day basis.

  • The participant will learn about The meaning and uses of the LEAN Six Sigma philosophy / Each phase of the DMAIC methodology / How to map a process and understand its inputs and outputs / How to apply the Six Sigma concepts in his or her workplace on a daily basis
  • With their knowledge of Six Sigma model, participants who complete the course will be able to identify process improvement opportunities for escalation to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belts and can be a valuable resource within Six Sigma project teams when improving that process, if needed.


Management Development Program

Alpha Mindz has developed a Management Development Program (MDP). This can be taken up for each module of 15 Hours duration or a combination of these to suit different client needs.

These Modules are best suited for working professionals who want to increase their knowledge or for corporates who want some of their Identified Managers to take up higher responsibilities.

A completion of these modules is as good a knowledge of what one would learn in a Business School.

The Modules covered in the MDP are Organization Behavior / Motivation and Leadership/ Strategic thinking / Strategic Planning/ Strategic Execution / Business communication / Operations Management / Problem Solving and Project Approach / Business acumen / Business Ethics

Supervisory Skills

At Alpha Mindz we have Certificate courses for functional areas of Stores, Quality, Production, Maintenance and Hr. These courses are meant for  the  people who have working experience on shop floor but need to enhance their self-development path . These modules cover learning and implementation of latest tools, techniques and systems followed in industry.

The role of the supervisor is to improve productivity, reduce rejections. Implement 5S and Kaizens through Planning, Production processes and adhering to Quality systems. The combination of the Soft skills with easily implementable tools gives a cutting edge to the supervisor for multi-tasking and makes his job effective and productive.


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