Fluency in English can change your life for better!

At first Learning English might seem to be a difficult task for you. You might also say ” I can understand English and speak a bit… I can manage”. Is it enough?
No.Being able to speak and understand English without mistakes adds to your overall personality in your personal and professional life. The learning part might sound difficult…. but its a rewarding task!


Why do you need to Learn English?
From making new opportunities for your career to acquiring more knowledge about anything and everything, Learning English can get you to such height that it can open new doors for you. In today’s era, from small paper advertisements to large billboards to digital media, the content that you can see is written the English Language. All the businesses, corporate, science and technology, in fact, every field communicates through English. And that is the reason why you need to learn the so-called Global language because it is language that unites all the culture.

Now how can learning English change your life!
English, as we know, is a Global language. You travel to any part of the world, English is one language that will help you out at any point in time. If you are planning to work abroad or taking up higher studies you need to be a master of spoken English.
Learning English is also considered as a tool for success. To get a promotion, a better job or even to pass any test or examinations. But the most important thing that should motivate you to take up this language is the passion or love for learning this language. A language that will make you unstoppable in learning new things and which gives you that edge in your personality that the people would love to have you around them and communicate with you.
Being a global language, any multinational company would be happy and value their employee who can speak, read and understand English over ones that can’t and also for more job opportunities ..it’s a necessity!
So that is it. We now know how important learning English is and how it can help to build our overall personality.
Also, it is important to take proper training in spoken English for your overall command over the language.
Keep Learning!


About Author


about author

Manu Anand Alumni of IIM Ahmedabad -Mechanical Engineer having +25 years of working experience in the industry. Had been the Country Head for an American MNC and as a General Manager of Reputed manufacturing sectors for 10 years. Guest Faculty for the Leading institutes over the years. Principal consultant for LEAN , TPM , 5S and Best manufacturing practices Was among the top 10 young managers nominated by CII in 2001 . A change agent who drives strategy to the shop floor with simple visual management . Principal faculty for leadership and Mentoring programs in Corporates Principal Coach and Practitioner - Career mapping for Professionals & students at school and college levels Writes on Career Counselling Every Friday in Navhind Times Motivational trainer and Life Coach A Rotarian With Rotary Club of Panaji Midtown

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