How to prepare efficiently for an aptitude test

Aptitude tests are most commonly used assessment practice for measuring a candidates’ eligibility for a role. Mostly a mixture of basic mathematics concepts, logical applications, and pattern questions, Aptitude tests are conducted almost in all sectors of education and work. Over the years, these tests have become a standard prerequisite for schools, colleges, and companies to screen students for admissions, placements or internships. A person appearing for one such exam has to answer as many questions as possible within the given timeframe.

To successfully achieve this feat, you can quickly go through the points below and apply it in your prep plan

1) Brushing up basics
If you have seen or heard people who have answered aptitude tests, you might have come across this common statement ” there was not enough time “. The major problem here is that the basics are not clear. Most commonly topics that aptitude tests have in their syllabus are mostly with formulas and patterns. If you remember the right formula and also the variant of those formulas then you can speed up the solving process and get more time.

2) Find alternate methods of solving questions
One questions can be solved using two or more methods. Find out those. It can also help you save time and move onto other questions quickly. Use tricks to solve those questions that look complicated but are actually simpler.

3) Practice a lot
One thing you might have heard since you started your education. ” Practice more “. Yes, practicing a lot of paper, question series, puzzles can definitely help you out in preparing for your aptitude tests. You can go online too and check out the numerous edu portals out there and start solving. Some of those also show you some tricks and tips on solving those questions and similar ones. Solving mathematical and statistical questions are pretty much easy once the method of solving gets onto your mind.

4) Do a background check
In case you are answering any company aptitude test, then do a background check. As in, check out what kind of pattern the exam follows. This you might know by contacting the company or can also be done if you contact the current or ex-employee of that particular company. Once you have a clear picture of what is going to appear in front of you, you can answer the exam with some confidence.

5)Plan your time
Yes. As I said earlier too. Time is important. Very important. So you need to learn to manage time and try to solve the maximum number of questions in that given time frame. Understand for which questions you will need more time and wisely give the preferences. Again, practice a lot of demo papers so as to know where you are doing good and where to need to pick up.

6) Keep it Cool
Last but not the least. Keep calm. Yes, you need to avoid taking stress under pressure. Sometimes a calm mind can help you see the simple logic behind the question.

So here are the points you can keep in mind and practice too, to crack your aptitude tests. While you still have time, you can always approach an expert coaching institute that can help you with your weak points and boost your confidence in answering the ” not so scary ” aptitude tests.

Keep practicing. Good Luck!

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