How To Prepare For An Interview: 8 Interview Tips To Guide You

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Preparing for a Job interview has never been easy. There are multiple parameters you need to look into when it comes down to answering an interview. An interview is the first step to enter into the professional life. When you are selected for an interview it is a sure sign that the employer has an interest in meeting you personally after going through your resume. So you need to prepare well and put your best foot forward.

“The first impression is the last impression.” To keep up with this statement preparing for an interview and answering with confidence is must to create a positive impression in front of the interviewer. Here are some job interview preparation tips that will help you enhance your interview skills and make you ready to face the interview.

First thing first.

1) Carefully go through your Resume
Before answering the interview you should go through your resume properly and plan out how you are going to highlight the main points about you in front of the interviewer. The first question you come across is “Tell us something about yourself”. Here you need to give a brief information about yourself like your name, qualification, work experience, your skills, achievements, future goals, etc.

2) Prepare common job interview questions
There are some questions which are frequently asked irrespective of which job profile you are applying. So preparing for these questions in advance can help you while you are answering the interview. For example, one question that is asked many times is “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Analyze yourself and jot down the points that will help you to answer when asked during the interview session. Giving some examples of situations that you have faced will also help you to showcase your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Research about the Company
Read about the company’s background, their vision and mission, gather information about the company through their website, internet, or social media. Know about their recent developments, achievements, etc. before appearing for an interview. Do research about your job role beforehand and plan how to present yourself in front of the interviewer, which will prove your credibility for a job profile.  Also if possible, connect with your friends and try to find out if they had given an interview before in the same company, so as to know the general format of the interview process.

4) Update yourself
Along with the academics, general knowledge is also equally important. Always keep yourself updated with general knowledge, current affairs regarding the industry or sector concerning the company.

5) Dress Well
As we know “The first impression is the last impression”. So decide carefully what to wear so that you look smart and confident. Most of the interviews require you to wear formals.

6) Be on Time
Leave from your place early and arrive on time or possibly a little early. This creates a good impression in the minds of the interviewer and also reflects sincerity. It will also give you additional time to relax before the interview commences.

7) Be confident
Your body language conveys a lot to others. It speaks a lot more than your verbal expression. Have a confident attitude, give a proper handshake, and keep your posture upright. Establishing a proper eye contact with the interviewer and a firm handshake reflects your self- confidence.

8) Avoid getting nervous
At times most of the candidates get nervous and are bound to make mistakes. It is ok and natural to get a little nervous, but don’t let it affect your interview as you will also be judged on the emotional level. Make sure you avoid nervous gestures like delayed responses, fidgeting, foot tapping, etc.

An interview is a big part of the job search process. It is a cornerstone for knocking the best opportunity and begin with a successful career. Preparing well will make you feel confident and relaxed. Doing proper research, preparing your response, and thinking thoughtfully about your goal, aim, values and skills before appearing for an interview is always recommended. Following the above time and tested interview tips is surely going to help you in cracking the job interview that you are going to appear in the future.

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