How to write a creative Performance Report

A good performance report or an employee performance evaluation report should be the one that enables both employees and employers to be on the same wavelength and also aligns with the strategic business objectives of the company. The Employee performance evaluation report provides a complete and detailed manner of managing the employee’s performance that ultimately leads to achieving the company’s goals or objectives.
Why employee performance report should be a part of a Business process.

Let’s get into the details…

What is a performance report?
Writing a performance report is an activity through which businesses communicate the progress of tasks undertaken.   It is a target-oriented activity where results are compared and rated against the predetermined goals to be achieved. A periodic review of assigned tasks plays a vital role in keeping an organization moving in a defined direction to achieve the best and increase the employee productivity. It helps in Keeping a check on the resource utilization, output growth of an employee, progress, and timeliness of a project. Therefore, this report is a way in which businesses are vigilant about its functioning.
A performance report is a structured and periodic report highlighting the set targets in a defined time frame. Such a report is a tool for rating and comparing the employee performance with the standards. Therefore, it needs setting standards for the given jobs and orderly compilation of data.

Why Performance report
A performance report showcases the basic skills of the employees and the requirements of performing their duties as against a standard work. This highlights the daily, weekly and monthly goals as set by the company. The key parameters in the report are the quality level of the employee’s work and the meeting of the timelines. Communication and reliability are captured while focussing on the policies and guidelines of the organization.

Some key considerations  

Standard Format

The performance report and its presentation should have a positive impact on its stakeholders. The report should mention employee efficiency so that it could be compared and awarded to maintain healthy competition. Here, having a standard matrix to present to the head of the concerned department or the employer can be helpful. Using a standard format avoids any form of discrimination and one clearly knows where he should perform better.

Constructive Approach

Avoid technical jargons if the report is not for the concerned department who knows all the functioning in detail. It is better to assume that the reader or audience has no technical background and explain the performance in a simple yet impactful manner. The report should be more constructive than criticising.

Creative and effective

These reports can be monthly weekly or annual depending on the type of task undertaken. Its main motive is to convey to the employees the fact that where each of them can be more creative and effective and yet understand their irregularities and shortcomings. Any progress above expectations should be rewarded and staff should receive their due accolades. The report prepared should be such that it leads the reader into the action.

Know your reader

The person for whom you are chalking out the details of your work should get the necessary details he is looking for and secondly, he should be able to comprehend the things you are trying to convey without much effort. A very lengthy report with unnecessary information overload will not do any good.

Create an impact

The report will serve the purpose only if it is used to improvise the working style of the company. It is vital that the receiver gets your report in a positive tone and as not that of a naysayer.  Using the right words for the right terms or situations play a key role here. If there are any anomalies, project those with some possible solutions instead of showing it as your complaint.

Keep it concise and quantifiable

Giving information like there was a growth seen in sales percentage one can mention as there was 20% increase in sales for the quarter as compared to the last quarter, and the shortfall is of some x amount or we have exceeded the target by x amount.

Use illustrations

Wherever necessary, like for comparing annual or quarterly performances one can always make it look presentable by using graphs or charts. This makes details easy to understand at one glance and looks very attractive.

Highlight your achievements

Merely making a report and stating what all work you did is not sufficient. Showing how your work is beneficial to the organization is equally important. Remember your achievements are taken note of, they do not go unnoticed, they are rewarded when the right time comes.

Know the details of the contents

The report that you present should have relevant information always, it should not be uncertain. Moreover, you can include your future targets or list of work to be completed until your next reporting and tasks carried out by you in the last report.

And that is it, Key points to consider while creating a performance report for an organization. The above points are guidelines that you can follow in order to draft a report that speaks the relevant points and conveys the information in a positive way that benefits the overall process of a business or organization.


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