Quick tips for Writing section in IELTS exam

Today you will learn about some tips and tricks to answer IELTS writing test. The blog post is all for your reference according to the IELTS exam pattern that will help you in cracking the IELTS writing Test successfully.
Fluent paragraph writing in IELTS Exam is very important. One should be fluent is writing as well as reading to answer this test and get good grades or the “Bands” as they term it. A clear and easy to follow paragraph is what one must focus on while answering this section.

Here are a couple of reminders that you need to keep in mind about the IELTS writing test:

The IELTS writing test consists of two writing tasks which should be completed within the time limit of 60 minutes. The minimum number of words or word count as some would call it, that you need to achieve for task 1 is 150 words and for the task 2, it is 250 words. Make sure to keep that in mind while writing your test that task 2 is worth twice as much as task 1. Accordingly, you need to manage your time to answer this test. Say, for example, you must take a minimum of 20 minutes for the task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2.
ok, let’s dive into each task and check out the tips that will help you out with your IELTS preparation.

IELTS writing test – Part 1
– This is the most important point you might have come across in your exams so far “Read the questions and instructions carefully”. Yes, it is important to go through all the points to avoid the confusion later.
– Study the diagram, chart or graph given and come up with questions. Questions related to the quantity, information that the graph or diagram is providing you. for example, for a graph, you could ask yourself what is the quantity measured in? look out for the main message that the diagram portrays.
– In your own sentence, you could write the introduction to the diagram that describes what the diagram portrays.
– Choose the correct number or information that supports what you plan to write. Look at the diagram and get the figures on the diagram so that when you start to write, you don’t forget.
– Don’t waste your time in counting how many words you have completed so far. Try to get a rough idea by counting the number of words in a single line and then multiply by the number of lines. Make sure you have crossed the minimum of 150 words.
– and yes last but not the least, Do go through your essay and check for common mistakes. Grammar and spelling are very important for clearing this IELTS writing test.

IELTS writing test – part 2
– In task 2 of the IELTS writing test, you need to read the question carefully. After reading the question, have an idea of what the topic is and what is the actual question that you have to answer.
– Organise and prioritize the task. Read the question and come up with points that address the issue in the question. Make brief notes on it. Plan about how to place these points together. Whether they are good to go in a single or separately. Which one you should put first in the paragraph.
– Examples help you a lot. Think of some very good and relatable examples to support your points and ideas.
– When you start with the paragraph, try to write the introduction in your own words. In case it asks for your opinion on the given topic then write it down.
– Don’t divert from the topic. make sure the body part of the essay is conveying the same what you said in your introduction.
-Keep line spaces between the paragraphs for easier reading.
-Check your Grammar and spelling and do make sure you have written a minimum of 250 words.

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