Effective communication to Improve Teamwork

Communication plays a big role when you have a team working collaboratively on a project. They can be either at the same place or can be working at a different place. Communication is the only means that can get a hold on to your team. If you happen to be the team leader of the workgroup and more collaboration is what your project require then more confident and authoritative your communication should be with your teammates.
Every member of the team also needs to take the initiative to communicate with each other. Ineffective communication can lead to many problems and the work can be at stake. So It’s very important to know to communicate effectively in order to get the work done effectively with great results.
Let us look at some points that will help us in communicating effectively
1) Listening
It is said that a good speaker is a good listener. Before learning how to communicate more effectively we must not forget to notice what the other person is speaking. It’s important to notice what the conversation is about and so we need to cultivate the art of listening. This means that you make sure to take enough time to understand what other people are saying and what they actually mean.
Sometimes we tend to listen to only the end of the sentence, assume what the person might want to communicate and blabber out the ideas. Being a good listener will help you to completely engage and understand what the other person is speaking about. Also, do not interrupt someone talking to you. This can lead to a feeling of being unheard by others and can lead to misunderstanding.
Also, its always better get feedback from the people with whom you are having a conversation just to make sure that what you wanted to convey was understood by them.

2) Use of the correct words
Say what you mean. When you are working as a team there can be some problems that can arise and you want information about what is working and what isn’t working. This is the time when one should use the correct words. Chances are when you use the wrong words, the people with whom you are communicating might feel offended and it will be taken as a verbal attack. This can hurt relationships within your team and won’t come to know about it all.
Not sure of the meaning of the word that you are going to use, Don’t use that word! Take more time if you want to complete a thought before communicating about your ideas.
Next thing to consider is your body language, tone, and eye contact. There’s a possibility to send a wrong message which fails the purpose of your attempt to communicate with your fellow teammates.

3) Practice makes a man perfect
Somethings you need practice on your own. You can do it whenever you are free, at home or at the office.
You can start off by speaking slow. Take your time. Do not rush and speak. It will look like you are not confident about what you want to convey. Do not mumble and speak but be clear of what you are going to say.
Use a constant tone. Don’t let it increase or don’t speak very shallow. One should be loud enough for the person to understand. Also writing things down helps one when some information needs to be communicated to the other person.

So we have seen that how communication can bridge teams together. Using wise words and careful listening can help one keep the team together and achieve greater heights as a company or organization.
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